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Gynae UK is a private gynaecology practice based in Harley Street, London dedicated to improving the health of women. We offer a wide range of coil fitting and removal services that you may book online. Our Consultant level Gynecologists aim to deliver top rated coil fitting services to all patients with our friendly staffs by the highest standard of clinical services using the latest technology in a comfortable and professional environment. We are always available to guide and support you anytime you require our assistance.
About IUD and IUS
An Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device or IUD is a small plastic and copper device that is put into the womb. It releases copper to prevent you from getting pregnant.
An Intrauterine system or IUS is a small T-shaped device that is put into the womb. It slowly releases hormone progestogen to stop you from becoming pregnant.
The coil works for 5 to 10 years, depending on the kind to be fitted.
Why Choose us
Our consultant gynaecologist provides a complete range of gynaecological treatments, services and advice for various problems such as menstrual cycles, contraception, infertility, menopause, sexual disorders and other problems.
What you can expect for a coil fitting
  • You will have a Specialist Consultation with the Consultant Gynaecologist to discuss your medical history and the reason for your visit.
If the service is clinically appropriate for you, the Gynaecologist will proceed to insert the coil after using some local anesthetic cream to numb the cervix. Benefits
  • Continuous protection from pregnancy for either 5 or 10 years
  • No need to remember to take daily birth control pills
  • Unaffected by other medicines
  • Fertility is unaffected after coil removal
Our Treatments
to provide you with top quality treatments and services.
Feel free to call us at 020 7183 0692 and know about our IUD fitting services. Alternatively, you may write to us at
Can an IUD fitted hurt?
Having a coil fitted may be uncomfortable though this should not last for a long time. The discomfort has been described as is quite similar to menstrual related pains. A fitting will probably not cause much pain if you have birthed a child already, as the cervix will be more pliable somewhat.
Is it possible to use tampons with an IUD?
Yes, you may use tampons, moon-cup or pads while using an IUD.
How can it affect my periods?
You might have irregular bleeding patterns during the first few months after using an IUD. Some women have heavier, longer or painful periods.
Can my body reject the IUD?
The coil may be pushed out by the uterus or it can move. This can possibly happen after it has been put in. As such, your Gynaecologist will show you how to check the coil threads every month and you can always arrange a follow up appointment for 6 weeks after the initial fitting.
What can happen if I get pregnant with an IUD?
Although it is not possible to get pregnant while having the IUD fitted, there is a small risk of an ectopic pregnancy. The risk of ectopic pregnancy is less for women who use an IUD than in women who do not use any contraception at all.
Is it possible to use an IUD while I breastfeed my baby?
Yes, the IUD is suitable for women who are breastfeeding, though you have to wait for at least four to six weeks after giving birth before getting it fitted.
Can the IUD affect my fertility in future?
No, there are no long term effects of IUD use and fertility
Will my partner feel the threads?
Your partner should not be able to feel your IUD during intercourse. However, if they can feel the threads, it is advised to talk to your Gynaecologist and check if your IUD is in properly in place. They might be able to cut the threads a little.
What Our Patient Say About Us
"Last sunday, I visited the Walk-in Clinic and the gynae experts have checked me immediately. Great facilities with clean and tidy environment."
Mrs Lara.
"I went to the clinic at the last minute and was yet seen within 2 hours. The gynaecologist was friendly and very supportive. Really satisfied with the service."
Miss P
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